Welcome to Allison’s Bar Car, your safe and reliable option for bar (and other) transportation needs in Vilas County, Wisconsin. We offer reasonable rates as well as clean, well-maintained, and fully insured vehicles for your comfort and safety.

Vilas County SafeRide Program Participants

Vilas County SafeRide Provider

Allison’s Bar Car is proud to serve as the provider for the Vilas County Tavern League’s SafeRide Program.

If you feel that you shouldn’t drive, then DON’T. Instead, ask your bartender for a SafeRide voucher.

Please see our blog for Vilas County bars/taverns currently participating in the SafeRide program.

Thanks for Helping to Make Our First Year a Success

NOTE: I started writing this blog earlier this month, but we've been so busy that I never finished it... As we begin February 2022, Allison's Bar Car and Limo, LLC is now entering its second year in business and we couldn't be happier.   Just as is the case with any...

“The Sound of Gravity” Tour T-Shirts Now Available

Allison’s Bar Car is proud to announce that in partnership with 15 of Vilas County’s best bars and restaurants, we are now accepting pre-orders for our “Sound of Gravity” Tour T-Shirts (pricing and details for ordering are outlined below). We always give credit where...

Vilas County SafeRide Program Participants

As a courtesy to our customers, we wanted to add a list of the bars and taverns that participate in the Vilas County SafeRide Program. Furthermore, we've also included a directory for the participating taverns. When a customer receives a SafeRide voucher, there is no...